With the
power of a
thousand lakes

Joel Naukkarinen is the most succeeding rower in Finland, whose goal is to win the Olympics

joel’s story

Joel Naukkarinen.

Before the finely-tuned athletic demeanor and the healthy self-confidence brought by experience, there was just a boy from a small village, Ummeljoki, in Kouvola. That boy possessed the determination of a thousand lakes and a gym built in a shed. Embracing a beastly attitude towards training at a young age, “The Rowing Finn” chose rowing as his sport, and it became his own.

Years of dedicated work have laid the foundations for unparalleled performance. Determined commitment, nearly inhuman strength levels, and maximal oxygen capacity reach such a unique level that the dream of an Olympic gold medal is something he does not have to feel timid about. In the racing boat, the man is like a whirlwind, yet there’s calmness within his mind.

As a rowing doctor, he has made himself a living experiment, pushing his body and mind to their limits. As a physician and neuroscientist, Joel is meticulously precise in measuring and enhancing himself. The shed’s gym workouts have transformed into high-altitude training with a DIY simulated altitude room, but the goal remains the same – to be the World’s best rower.

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With your contribution, you can support this effort and help me achieve even greater performances. Currently, my work is supported by over fourty different companies across Finland. All entities, both communities and individuals, are welcome to become my partners in this endeavor.

I welcome all kinds of support – there’s no lower or upper limit. This is the best time to support me in reaching my goals as now I have the best conditions in terms of age, my life situation, and motivation to evolve!

about joel

Having collaborated with Joel since 2015, it has been a pleasure to witness Joel’s development as a holistic athlete. When the internal motivation for rowing and training is at the level Joel possesses, remarkable things can happen. This journey has involved countless amounts of physio, massage and analyses, things that outsiders might not see or even consider happening. Despite the distance from the Kuopio days, there are many skilled individuals in the body maintenance team in the cities where Joel trains. I strongly believe that with Joel’s passion for the sport and the support of competent professionals in various fields, more accolades will be earned in the future. In the early stages of my own career, collaborating with Joel was priceless, as when the demands are high, one must also be able to improve every day.

– Mika Mäkivirta

Joel is a demanding coach to me, and above all, a good friend. We’ve experienced ups and downs together. With Joel’s guidance and support, I’ve achieved many of my dreams, including several indoor rowing medals and even a couple from the European Championships. I highly appreciate how, in addition to pursuing his own significant goals as an elite athlete, he still finds the time to support me. I am committed to supporting his grand dream of winning an Olympic gold medal and strive to assist in every way possible.

– Timo Pursiheimo

have been involved in Valkeala Rowing club since its establishment in the fall of 2006. During those times, I got acquainted with and fell in love with church boat rowing.

In 2009, in the fall, I invited Joel to join the Valkeala Rowing club. Joel had won the Finnish National Championship in church boat rowing in his senior high school rowing team that same summer. Joel joined us, and in the summer of 2010, he and I rowed together at the famous Sulkava long distance rowing race in the church boat rowing mixed category (7 female and 7 male rowers), securing an impressive bronze in a highly competitive race where the top three boats broke the previous course record (I personally consider that race, in terms of my own sports history, one of the toughest performances).

After the 2010 season, Joel progressed to rowing in smaller boats and eventually to Olympic-class boats. It has been an honor to be part of Joel’s athletic journey and row in the same team. I wish Joel encouragement and success in the upcoming challenges, both in life and in sports.

– Joonas Korjala